Scholarships for People of Color

We are excited to announce that in light of our mission to build capacity among perinatal professionals to better support individuals, families and communities of color around perinatal mood & anxiety disorders, “The Alliance” is offering scholarships for people of color to attend perinatal mental health trainings through Postpartum Support International (PSI). 

*In light of COVID-19 upcoming training will be facilitated virtually until further notice; please reach out to PSI for additional information. 

PSI 2-day Certificate Training 

The 2-day PSI Certificate of Completion Course, taught by experienced and engaging faculty, is a thorough and evidence-based curriculum designed for nurses, physicians, social workers, mental health providers, childbirth professionals, social support providers, or anyone interested in learning skills and knowledge for assessment and treatment of perinatal mood disorders. Registration includes training binder, handouts and continuing education credits. Approved for CMEs, CNEs, and CEs 

Perinatal Mood Disorders: Components of Care

Webinar course date(s):

May 19-21, 2021

July 7-8, 2021 – @ PSI Virtual Conference

August 11-12, 2021

August 20-21, 2021

November 12-13, 2021

Advance Psychotherapy Training 

The PSI advanced perinatal mental health certificate course must be completed as a prerequisite to register for the perinatal mental health certification exam. Below are the scheduled advanced psychotherapy courses. 

Webinar course date(s):

May 21, 2021

July 11, 2021 – PSI Virtual Conference

August 13, 2021

September 18, 2021

November 14, 2021

MMH Online Certificate Course with 2020 Mom          

PSI and 2020 Mom presents a Maternal Mental Health Certificate Training for Mental Health and Clinical Professionals. This online webinar series includes eight live sessions, small group discussions, supplemental reading materials, 16 continuing education credits (where applicable), and a certificate of completion. 

Classes are on Mondays, according to the schedule, from 10am-12noon PST; However, classes are recorded and can be watched at any time. 

Webinar course date(s):

September 13, 2021

Don’t delay, get trained today.