Our Founders

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In February of 2017, three perinatal professionals came together to create an organization for people ‘of color run by women of color to provide support, advocacy, information, and resources around perinatal mental health. We saw a need for a resource built and held by communities of color, and we created the PMHA-POC to support women, families, and professionals. click on our names to learn more about our individual work

Divya B. Kumar, MSW, ScM, CLC

Divya is a South Asian American woman who holds a Masters in Public Health and is a certified lactation counselor. Her work connects postpartum support with public health by addressing unmet needs in the structure and delivery of perinatal support services. In 2013, she helped create a postpartum depression prevention pilot program in four community health centers in Massachusetts and currently provides comprehensive perinatal support at Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center. She is a Commissioner on the Ellen Story Commission on Postpartum depression and also co-founded the Every Mother Project, an organization that provides training and support for women’s health professionals around addressing perinatal emotional complications. A writer and a truth teller, Divya brings a fresh voice, compassion and humor to her work with new families. She lives in Jamaica Plain, MA with her husband and two children.

Jabina Coleman, LSW, IBCLC

She makes breastfeeding a habit and a hobby. Jabina, a mother of two, Licensed Social Worker and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant has dedicated more than a decade of her life to protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding. Jabina focuses a lot of her work on educating women, families and the community to make informed decision about breastfeeding. She empowers women to trust their bodies throughout the perinatal period and provides guidance during the process. She specializes in perinatal mood disorders and helping women and families adjust to motherhood and parenting. Jabina lives in the Philadelphia, PA area.

Desirée Israel, LMSW

Through her own journey into motherhood, Desirée knows just how far compassion can go. With a foundation of authenticity, integrity and fully understanding the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” Desirée works each day to assist women in their own journeys and understanding through motherhood, postpartum support and healing. As a licensed social worker, herbalist, reproductive psychotherapist and partner of the maternal wellness space, The Bloom Collective, Desirée’s mission is to open access to therapy for families of color and train as many providers of color about perinatal mental health as she can. Desirée lives in Baltimore with her cat, Shadow, and two sons.